Tabletop Workbench with Moxon Vise

Experience Level: Beginners*

Instructor: Eric Richter (check out his YouTube channel here!)

Class Size: 2

Sessions: 3 sessions at 2 hours each

This course will be via Zoom.

*You need to know how to use a hand plane to take this course. 

Table Top Workbench with Moxon Vise

Course Description

In this course you will build a table top work surface with a moxon vise along side Eric. He will walk you through the process of building an effective and affordable moxon vise. A huge benefit to this style is that you can upgrade it later as you advance and/or as funds become available. 
A rough layout of the sessions will be:
-Tour of the prototype with a discussion of the benefits, how it works, etc. and glue-up of the main bench. (Eric will be building one along with you)
-Planing the bench flat and square after glue-up and making then attaching the feet. 
-Making the moxon vise, drilling dog holes, and making the wedges. 

Materials Needed*

8 boards dimensioned to 2″ thick x 3″ wide x 24″ to 36″ long 
    =If you cannot get 2″ thick lumber you can go with 10 boards at 1.5″ thick
    =The length of your work surface will be determined by the length of your boards
    =Southern Yellow Pine is a great/affordable choice for this project
-Piece of hardwood for the wedge (at least 3/4″ x 3″ x 12″)
    =Maple, Cherry, and Oak are a great choice for this

Tools Needed*

-2 = 1/4″ – 20 bolts that are 4″ to 5″ long
-2 = star knobs that fit 1/4″ – 20 bolts
-3/4″ drill bit/forstner bit/spade bit
-3/8″ drill bit
-box of 2″ or 3″ deck screws (Torx or square drive preferred)
-Hand drill/power drill
-Marking gauge
-Crosscut saw
-Framing square or speed square
-Straight edge
-Hand Plane (no 4 or no 5)
-2 to 3 F or pipe clamps that are at least 18″ long
-Wood glue
-4 – 3/4″ bench dogs
*If you qualify for free courses and you do not have the tools to participate in this course, please let us know in the Additional Comments of the registration form. We may be able to get these supplies for you. To see if you qualify, click HERE.

Course Cost*

*If you qualify for a free course you will not be charged for anything. Application steps are in the registration form or click HERE to see if you qualify.

Course Dates

March 16th, 23rd, and 30th from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. EST