Plane Wellness Board of Directors

Picture of Eric Whestone Plane Wellness Board of Directors

Board Vice President and Secretary

Eric Whetstone

Eric Whetstone was diagnosed with ADHD in 2023, along with both of his sons.  Seeing the impact of mental health on his family, Eric decided to join Plane Wellness to help others through their own mental health journey.

In 2020, Eric rediscovered his passion for woodworking and decided on an ‘unplugged’ approach so that he could disconnect from the electronic-dominated world.  Now that he is diagnosed, Eric understands the impact hand tool woodworking has had on his mental health and the importance of finding an outlet and way to disconnect.  Both of his sons spend time in the shop with him, where Eric hopes to pass on a love for hand tool woodworking.

Eric received his Bachelors in Marketing from Temple University in 2011 and has pursued a successful career in marketing and market research ever since.  He leverages these skills to help promote Plane Wellness and analyze performance metrics.

Picture of Eric O'Grey Plane Wellness Board of Directors

Board Legal Advisor

Eric O’Grey

Board member Eric O’Grey earned degrees in philosophy and business from San Jose State University and a Doctor of Law Degree from Emory University. He is a former Director of Philanthropy with a large Washington DC based 501(c)(3) and is also the Philanthropy Liaison for the National Kitchen and Bath Association Northern California Chapter. 
Eric is author of the bestselling non-fiction work “Walking with Peety, the Dog Who Saved My Life”, which is now in print in nine languages world wide. He has been a featured guest on numerous national TV programs, including The Today Show, The Rachael Ray Show, and the Hallmark Channel, in addition to being interviewed and featured in hundreds of radio programs, news articles and magazines, such as O, People, and Reader’s Digest. Eric is also a frequent public speaker with main billing before audiences in the thousands.
Eric has been a wood worker since 7th grade wood shop, and enjoys fine woodworking, restoring vintage British tools, and shenanigans with his dog Jake.
Picture of Dan Hunter Plane Wellness Board of Directors

Board Treasurer

Dan Hunter

Dan Hunter is a happily retired ex-engineer.  He graduated from Grove City College in 1979 and University of Connecticut in 1983.  Having met his then future spouse on the first day of Calculus class and getting married after graduation in 1979, they are currently in their 44th year of wedded bliss!  Along the way they raised 2 children and now have 3 grandchildren.  Born and raised in Western Pennsylvania with detours to Connecticut and Ohio, their feet are firmly rooted once again in Western PA.

They have been active members of Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Export, PA for the last 36 years where he is currently serving as Church Treasurer.  Dan is also the Charter Representative for the BSA troop that the church sponsors.  

His post career hobbies include photography (mostly birds!), Bonsai, wood carving, wood working, and, of course, vintage tool collecting.  Dan was thrust into the world of hand planes when he acquired a collection of 150 planes from an older collector that was doing some house cleaning.  He still enjoys buying, refurbishing, and selling vintage tools, almost entirely via the Can I Have It Facebook group.

Dan became acquainted with Plane Wellness through his participation in the Can I Have It Facebook group and met the CEO Jamie when he realized that they were geographically close!  Dan was asked to serve on the Board of Directors in the role of Treasurer and he is honored to be part of the team!

Photo of Paul Rutger Plane Wellness Board of Directors Fundraising Officer

Fundraising Officer

Paul Rutgers

Paul started out in construction, laying tile, but when the Great Recession hit and work dried up, money got tight. Instead of buying gifts for his family he decided to make spoons as gifts. They were a hit! So much so, that his friends also started asking him to make spoons. Fast forward to now, Paul is a full time spoon and utensil maker having carved over 40,000! Paul also mentors and teaches students woodworking through a local school. Teaching them how to make the same spoons and utensils that build his career. 

Paul has also worked with a few nonprofit to assist in organizing and executing fundraising events. Paul will use this experience to help Plane Wellness financially advance it’s mission.