The Sponsors Helping Us Help Others!

The sponsors below donate a % of each sale they make to Plane Wellness. Buying from them not only means that you get an awesome tool or part, but you are also helping individuals with a diagnosis or disability learn woodworking! 

Dennis Wayne is a new saw maker out of Buffalo, NY. He started making saws in September of 2023 and has already been featured in the A Plane Life Hand Planes and Coffee Podcast. Dennis makes custom and recreation saws to fit your style and need. Check out his site here: Dennis Wayne Woodshop

A picture of the Eric Meyer Maker YouTube and Website Logo

Eric Meyer Maker is a well know YouTube Content Creator and Tool Maker. On his channel you can see him build projects, make planes and tools and get useful shop tips and tricks. Eric also sells Lady Leg Calipers, Plane Adjusting Hammers, and Custom-Made Hand Planes!  Check out his site here: Eric Meyer – Maker- Website
and his YouTube here: Eric Meyer – Maker – YouTube

Woodyah is a pioneer in the hand plane market! They specialize in replacement parts and innovative attachments for many types of planes. From hand planes to router planes to scrub planes, they have you covered! The replacement parts are made with better machining and metals than the vintage parts and the innovative attachments are making hand planes more universal. Check out his site here: Woodyah

The sponsors below donate materials and tools to Plane Wellness that our students get to use! 

Blue Spruce Toolworks produces heirloom quality woodworking tools that can be used for many generations. Their attention to detail and innovations are helping advance the hand tool community in functionality and appearance.  Check out their products here: Blue Spruce

Woodpeckers is a well established company that has been making woodworking tools since 1988. Their tools are created in the U.S.A. and with the highest level of precision. They make a wide variety of tools that can be used by hand tool, power tool, and hybrid woodworkers.  Check out their products here: Woodpeckers

Compass Rose Toolworks focuses on value and innovation. They make reliable and durable tools which were designed by Rex Krueger himself (YouTube). These innovations solve a lot of problems woodworkers run into without the high price tag. They also sell tool kits which are fun projects and make specialty tools more affordable. Check out their products here: Compass Rose

A picture showing a can of the Cottrill Tool ad Wood Works Paste Wax

Cottrill Tool and Wood Works is a Veteran owned company who makes handcrafted housewares as well as woodworking tools, mallets, plane adjusting hammers, and waxes. The wax is a favorite amongst many woodworkers, including myself. Matt Cottrill also sells high quality and affordable vintage tools on his website. Check out his site here: Cottrill Tool and Woodworks


Just Plane Fun is a Veteran owned company and is known as “THE Plane Parts Guy”. If you are looking for parts for your vintage planes, this is the guy you call! He has all the parts you can imagine, from totes and knobs to screws and frogs. He knows plane types and models and will ensure they are a perfect fit!  Check out his Facebook Group and YouTube

Loon Lake Tool Works is run by Bob Page, many know him as the Saw Guy (and he is!). He has a wealth of knowledge on vintage saws and how to sharpen and tune them up. He has been a woodworker, machinist, and engineer for almost his entire life. He uses these skills to create innovative tools and attachments that take your woodworking to the next level. Check out his Website

Colonial Homestead is what I consider “A Tool Nerds Heaven”. Dan has a TON of tools from woodworking to blacksmithing, leather working to timber framing and some maker made items! He has you covered! He does not have a website but you can call him if there is something specific you are looking for. I highly recommend making a trip out to see his shop Google Maps (cash only) and check out a video of his shop here: YouTube

The sponsors below help us with marketing and more!

a picture of the Bat Cave Creations YouTube channel Logo

Bat Cave Creations is a YouTube channel specializing in hand tool reviews and comparisons. The channel is operated by our Plane Wellness Founder, Jamie Harpster. The channel has a big hand in helping spread the word about our mission and is one of the reasons Plane Wellness exists, you can learn more about that here.
Check out his YouTube here: Bat Cave Creations