Plane Wellness Teachers

We will have volunteer and special guest teachers; however, the teachers below are independently contracted with Plane Wellness to teach a minimum of 4 courses per year. (James Wright will be teaching about 1 course a month)

James Wright

James Wright is famous for his YouTube channel known as Wood By Wright. He started woodworking with his father and made it his life’s mission to teach the craft to others. James is well known for exclusive hand tool use, besides the occasional appearance of his Demon Possessed Yellow Brace (Power Drill). 

Check out his “How To” YouTube, “ASMR” YouTube, and his Website

Jeff Warshafsky is known for his inventions and planes known as REED Planes. Jeff is an out of the box thinker and invented many items that have increased the performance, quality, and functionality of hand planes. He also has innovative skills and techniques that solve issues many woodworkers run into while engaging in the craft. 

Check out his inventions here: REED and his Instagram

Albert Kleine standing infront of his woodwork marquetry wall decor

Albert Kleine is a well known Instagram and Facebook Content Creator and woodworker. He is specifically known for his amazing marquetry skills. Albert is currently working on a book with Fox Chapel Publishing on building boxes the book is expected to be released in 2025. 

Check out his Instagram and his Facebook

Shea Alexander standing, mallet and chisel in hand, with a hand carved wooden box

Shea Alexander is a full-time, professional woodworker creating over 60 pieces of substantial furniture a year. He is known for creating beautiful pieces with hand carved accents. Shea has build everything from chairs to stool, tables to dressers, and more! 

Check out his projects here: Website and his Instagram

Eric Meyer in his woodworking shop standing in front of hand tools

Eric Meyer Maker is a well know YouTube Content Creator and Tool Maker. His channel focuses on shop tips, tricks and jigs, as well as build projects and tool making. Eric is also a Plane Wellness Sponsor. A percentage of every sale he makes is donated directly to Plane Wellness. He sells Lady Leg Calipers, Plane Adjusting Hammers, and Custom-Made Hand Planes! 

Check out his Website and his YouTube

Dennis Wayne is a new saw maker; however, he is a chemist by trade and has been woodworking for many years. Dennis will be able to combine his love for woodworking with his love for chemistry and host courses discussing wood movement, finishes, polishes, etc. He will also be able to teach saw sharpening, handle shaping, and more!

Check out his Website