Current Tool Donation Requests

I created this page due to multiple tool donation inquiries (THANK YOU!). While I appreciate the offers, I do not currently have the space to store tools we may need in the future. This page will be updated as to the current need. Thank you again for all of your support! 

Sharpening Stones
Saw Vices
Back Saws 

Tools can be sent to:
Plane Wellness
1517 5th Avenue
Ford City, PA 16226

Please send me an email with what you are sending so I can keep track and so I have your email address to send the donation acknowledgment letter:

Tool donations can be tax deductible. Once the items are received, I will inventory them ASAP and email you a letter stating what you donated. Per the tax law we do not determine Fair Market Value (FMV). The donator determines FMV and claims that on their taxes using our letter as proof the items were donated.