Plane Wellness Woodworking Course Reviews

“Excellent work! My card scraper skills have jumped dramatically!” – 7/6/24

“Great course, well taught and stayed on track. This course and others like it provide a break and allow focus to center on making something, rather than the busy blur of overactivity in the world.” – 7/1/24

“Eric and Jamie were great. I was in the throes of a Huge Cyber event at work and working long days and was stressed out to the max. For the two days of the course, I was able to get lost in the project and my stress diminished. The bonus is I have a new handmade Router Plane, and two new scars on my fingers(lol). Thank you, Eric and Jamie.” – 7/1/24

I found the Marquetry course excellent , Albert was very open and willing to share all his knowledge , pace was good and felt like a very safe place, Thanks for organizing.” – 6/24/24

Some of the best instructors in the industry. Classes are invaluable to success, which contributes to overall happiness.” – 6/8/24

“Great course, well done. Nice mix of prepared presentation and flexible lecture. Very knowledgeable instructor, able to answer all questions with ease.” – 5/11/24

“Had a really good time with something I never thought I’d figure out. I’m so glad I saw the notice for Plane Wellness in a magazine” – 5/6/24

“Not quite sure what I expected but it was definitely worth my time. I learned quite a lot from Jamie – and would really like to learn from him again. Now just need to make sure my blades are sharp.” – 5/5/24

“Jamie, our instructor, displayed substantial knowledge of the subject at hand. His ability to share that knowledge/experience with us made the entire lesson worthwhile.” – 5/4/24

“Was a wonderful experience! Really had a great time and I am excited to have a new skill to practice!” – 4/18/24

“Shea was a great teacher and this class got me started on a new skill path that can up my own work, but also that I can teach in my shop once I’ve increased my competence.” – 4/14/24

“This course got me excited to start my next project; I appreciate that.
Jeff is a fantastic speaker, good at getting ideas and concepts across. ” – 2/7/24

“It was a great class, learned a ton, looking forward to the next” – 1/27/24

I am praying this organization succeeds in its mission. This was a blessing to be a part of.” – 1/17/24

“Great class! I feel much better prepared to tackle freehand sharpening and given that that’s a fundamental skill for hand tool woodworking I feel like what I learned will cascade down throughout all of my handtool work.” – 1/10/24