Plane Wellness Woodworking Course Reviews

“It was a great class, learned a ton, looking forward to the next”

“The design course was fantastic! I really enjoyed hearing perspective and guidance from a master designer. I find design to be a challenging aspect of woodworking, and this course gave me the confidence I need to create something original and exciting. I look forward to taking more Plane Wellness courses!!”

I am praying this organization succeeds in its mission. This was a blessing to be a part of.

“Tonight did help to calm me down a little. I had a very bad [day] mental health wise, dealing with monetary worries because of my health. My physical limitations, [I] have good days and bad days but today was not one of them. Those bad days not only make me hurt physically obviously but [they] can make my mood change very deeply as well depending on how bad those days get. I go to woodworking to help relax my mind. Taking these classes is helping me to become a better wood worker which helps ease the stress of my mind more when I know I am doing better work.”

“Great class! I feel much better prepared to tackle freehand sharpening and given that that’s a fundamental skill for hand tool woodworking I feel like what I learned will cascade down throughout all of my handtool work.”

“I’ve lost a lot of physical and mental ability to pursue the activites I used to, woodworking has been a passion of mine for a long time, and thanks to classes like this and setting up a shop for myself am I refinding my hobbies and passions and creating things and skills that truly benefit me.”

“good class, clear connection”

“This course got me excited to start my next project; I appreciate that.
Jeff is a fantastic speaker, good at getting ideas and concepts across. “