Looking for a woodworking community?

Anyone who takes or teaches a Plane Wellness course will be invited to our private PW-Community Facebook group. This is not just another woodworking group.

This group will be a safe place to ask questions, get advice, and share your projects without the riffraff and rude comments. We want to create a community of caring and supportive individuals who just want to geek out over woodworking and not worry about any disrespect. 

We also want you to be able to share your mental health journey. Far too often people feel like they can’t open up about their struggles. We all have them! Why can’t we talk about it? I do want to mention, this group is not a replacement for therapy. I believe everyone, I mean everyone, should have a therapist! Even if that therapist just serves as a neutral sounding board to vent. 

I hope you join us in building this community! I look forward to what we can accomplish!