Your donation directly helps individuals with diagnoses and disabilities learn woodworking!

Our objective is to bring peace and healing to individuals with diagnoses and disabilities. However, we cannot do it alone. With your support, we can reach more people and provide them with the opportunity to benefit from our program. Whether it’s a small amount or a generous donation, know that every contribution counts. We appreciate your continued support towards our cause and hope you can consider making a donation to help us reach our goals. For more information, click HERE.

Please make checks payable to:
Plane Wellness

Plane Wellness
1517 5th Avenue
Ford City, Pa 16226

We accept donations through the PayPal Giving Fund. This is a program that PayPal offers where people can donate to a 501(c)(3) without either party having to pay any fees.

We have a Plane Wellness Patreon. 
Click HERE

If you have tools or lumber you would like to donate please click HERE.

Other ways to help, you can choose us as your favorite charity on GoFundMe, Facebook and eBay. This means you can start GoFundMe and Facebook fundraisers on your birthday, holidays, mental health awareness month, etc. For eBay, if you are a seller, you can choose to have a portion of your sale donated to us. This also helps you make sales when it states “benefits charity”.