Their Stories

“I fight depression and am overall just very stressed about life right now. Working on a project allows me to focus on that one thing, and solve the problems inside of that project and that project alone, which is a relief from burning myself out stressing about every other problem I have yet to solve outside of woodworking. Getting the opportunity to connect with other people in the community is a wonderful way to build this part of my life.”

“I am a 22.5 year retired US Army veteran. I am also a 100% service-connected disabled veteran. In my military career, and in jobs afterwards, I was an investigator and administrator/commander. My main disability is major depressive disorder. I got into woodworking as it allowed me to use my hands and mind to create things that do not hurt people and add some beauty to our world. I belong to Plane Wellness to increase my ability to create such beauty.”

“I have struggled with PTSD and ADHD for a large portion of my life and never really found anything that helped ease the symptoms. When I discovered woodworking, it was like a breath of fresh air. My shop, very quickly, became my “safe space”. Woodworking is my break from the chaos. It is not running from my problems; it is setting them aside for a moment to relax and it makes me happy. I know that sounds so small, “it makes me happy” but sometimes being happy is all I can ask for. Woodworking has also taught me things that help my life outside of the shop. Like how to slow my mind down, plan things out, and not jump ahead because if you move fast or jump ahead in woodworking, you make mistakes. Or how to find joy in the little things, like taking a good chisel shaving in oak and not getting tare out.”