How to Use a Hand Plane

Experience Level: Beginner*

Instructor: Jamie Harpster

Class Size: 7

Sessions: 1 Session at 3 (ish) Hours

This course will be via Zoom.

*You must have a hand plane to participate in this course. 

Picture of Jamie Harpster the founder and president of Plane Wellness using a millers falls hand plane on a walnut board

Course Description

Hand planes are essential in hand tool woodworking, dare I say all woodworking? The only issue, they are a learning curve and many struggle with getting good results.  
In this course, Jamie Harpster will review the different types of hand planes, their parts and how they operate. He will also discuss sharpening, which is essential to a hand planes performance. You will be able to practice setting up and using a hand plane during the course and trouble shoot any issues that arise. 

Tools Needed

-Bailey Style Hand plane (number 4 or 5, bevel down) 
-Scrap lumber to practice on (maple, cherry, or walnut preferred) 
-Planning stop or a way to secure the scrap board to the bench for planning
-Plane wax (I recommend Cottrill Hard Wax – click HERE.) 
-Sharpening media (sandpaper, diamond plates, etc.)
-Sharpening jig (unless you free hand sharpen) 

Course Cost*

*If you qualify for a free course you will not be charged for anything. Application steps are in the registration form or click HERE to see if you qualify.

Course Dates

May 4th, 2024 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST