Valet Tray (AKA Catch-All Tray)

Experience Level: Beginner

Instructor: Eric Meyer 
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Class Size: 10 students

Sessions: 2 sessions at 3 hours each

This course will be via Zoom.

Course Description

This course will be aimed towards those wanting to sharpen their hand tool skills. These trays are great skill builders and can be made to any size to fit your storage needs. They are also a great way to use those off cuts that clutter your shop!

We will tackle cutting and fitting dovetails and with only 1 tail in each corner this is the perfect introduction to dovetails. You will also learn how to fit a tray bottom, layout joints, glue-up projects, and how to hide your mistakes. We will also briefly discuss wood movement and how that can affect projects over time

Tool/Materials Needed*

-Hand saw for cutting dovetails
-1/2″ chisel
-Marking Knife
-Marking Guage
-Block Plane
-Dovetail marker or bevel gauge

We will be using the dimensions below; however, the tray can be whatever size you want. The size we are making should fit a cell phone and wallet side by side with some room to spare. 
-4 pieces = 8″ x 1 1/4″ x 3/8″ (any species) 
-1 piece of plywood = about 9 x 9 to allow for waste, ending goal is 8×8 (1/8″ – 1/2″ thickness recommended) 

*If you qualify for free courses and you do not have the tools or lumber to participate in this course, please let us know in the Additional Comments of the registration form. We may be able to get these supplies for you. To see if you qualify, click HERE.

Course Cost*

$200 = $150 (Mental Health Awareness Month Discount!)
*If you qualify for a free course you will not be charged for anything. Application steps are in the registration form or click HERE to see if you qualify.

Course Dates